Growing our Business and Communities

Since our founding in 1926, family values have set our course. They’ve afforded us the ability to take a long-term, visionary approach to our business versus solely a short-term, tactical one.  We continue to invest in areas that increase the well-being of our people, animals, business and our ability to offer relevant products to our customers and consumers.

Industry Innovations

GNP Company has a long history of industry firsts. We:

  • Revolutionized the industry with fixed-weight scannable chicken products in 1999.
  • Were one of the first larger chicken producers to become third-party animal welfare certified.
  • Were early adopters “first-in-U.S.” operational/plant technology, including:
    – New Bird Distribution System
    – Controlled-Atmosphere(Gas) Stunning
    – Advanced Aero Scalder System scalds without immersion for nearly no cross-contamination and 75% reduction in water use
    – Advanced Spiral Washer
  • Strive to stay on the cutting-edge of safety and quality.
    – Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level II certified
    – Expanded Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory leadership, expertise and capabilities

Our Sales Growth

GNP Company products are shipped from our distribution center to customer warehouse/distributor locations across the U.S.  From there, our products are shipped to grocery stores, grocery store delis, and restaurants to nearly all 50 states. 

In 2015, annual sales were $470 million—making us the nation’s 18th largest chicken company.  This map shows our customer warehouse/distributor locations from where our products are shipped to grocery stores, grocery store delis, and restaurants nationally.

Our Local Impact

Our economic impact in our communities is far-reaching. We believe in buying local and partnering with locally-based companies as much as possible for our business needs. For example, 95% of the corn used in our feed is sourced from farmers within 75 miles of our feed mills and small town elevators. Excluding company investments, our estimated annual contribution exceeds $125 million dollars in terms of payroll, farm partner contract payments,  local grain purchases, and local taxes. 

We also believe in giving back and supporting the communities in which we live and work.